Energy Efficiency

Supporting the establishment of standards, programs and innovative practices to improve energy efficiency and providing Australian households and businesses with economical solutions to live and work more sustainably.

You can find a large range of information in relation to energy efficiency through our websites and tools on the Energy information page.

Appliances, lighting and equipment

Consumer and household advice

Your Energy Savings

Easy-to-read, practical information on how to save energy, cut power bills and water use, reduce waste and travel smarter and available government assistance.

Your Home

Information for designers, builders and householders about how to design, build and live in an environmentally sustainable home.

Energy Rating App

New tool to help consumers to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of domestic appliances.

Energy efficiency in government operations

The Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO) Policy aims to reduce the energy consumption of Australian Government operations with particular emphasis on building energy efficiency.

Energy rating schemes   

There are several national schemes for energy efficient buildings, appliances, lighting and equipment:

Industrial energy efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency Exchange (EEX) website - helps Australia's industrial energy users realise the benefits of improved energy efficiency by assisting them to make informed investment decisions relating to energy efficiency.

Non-residential buildings

Non-residential buildings include commercial buildings such as shops, hotels, restaurants, and offices, industrial buildings, schools and hospitals. They are responsible for approximately 10 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

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