Indigenous Australians

We recognise the importance of building strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and communities as we strive to improve the economic and social outcomes for all Australians. Attracting and retaining skilled and capable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will help us to deliver our business outcomes. The department is keen to positively influencing APS Indigenous recruitment and retention and to meet the wider agenda of employment and equity outcomes for Australia’s first peoples.

For these reasons, the department:

  • Promotes and advances a unified approach to reconciliation
  • Cultivates working relationships and partnerships with the Indigenous community
  • Maintains a culture of shared learning and understanding amongst all staff
  • Takes practical steps to attract, retain and develop Indigenous employees.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan 2017–2020

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) describes the department’s commitment to reconciliation and helping to bridge the economic and social gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The RAP was developed in consultation with employees and Indigenous stakeholders. It publicly formalises the department’s contribution to reconciliation by identifying clear actions with realistic targets.

The artwork used throughout this document was created by members of the department's Indigenous Employees Network (IEN). The original artwork was produced during the department's 2016 IEN Day, in a session facilitated by artists from the Burrunju Aboriginal Corporation and is proudly displayed in the foyer in Industry House.

Indigenous Employee Network

In recognition of the pride and respect we have for the First Australians, the department has established an Indigenous Employee Network (IEN). Since its inception in February 2014 the IEN has created a sense of belonging for its members and provides and avenue to walk in two worlds within the Australian Public Service. It gives involved staff the opportunity to:

  • Share experiences involving the celebration of Indigenous culture, history and continuing care for country.
  • Be a sounding board/consultative group on specific strategic issues and Indigenous employment initiatives for the Department.
  • Discuss/explore and promote issues of shared interest.
  • Connect with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees (internal and external to the department) and provide support to one another.

Indigenous Development Pathway

Our Indigenous Development Pathway is designed to develop the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our department. This initiative establishes pathways for further education and training, enabling staff to aspire to higher levels or responsibility in chosen arenas such as leadership roles in workplaces and community. This pathway initiative intends to:

  • Invest in the development potential of our Indigenous staff
  • Provide mentoring and development opportunities
  • Increase the level of Indigenous staff in leadership positions
  • Further individual goals in relation to future education and employment within the department or APS.
  •  View the Indigenous-Development-Pathway-Guidelines.pdfIndigenous Development Pathway Guidelines |Indigenous-Development-Pathway-Guidelines.docx

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