Opportunities for People with Disability

Australian Network on Disability and Recruite Ability logosThe department is committed to a workplace culture that builds respect, fosters inclusiveness, promotes diversity and embraces the unique skills and qualities of all our employees. We recognise that the diversity of our people is, and rightly should be, one of our greatest strengths. The department is committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining people with disability and we are pursuing a number of initiatives to create a supportive, confident and inclusive organisation that is reinforced by a culture that recognises and supports all employees with a disability.

The department has a dedicated Diversity Team who can provide information and assistance to people with disability who may be considering applying for positions with the department. The Diversity Team can be contacted via email on diversity@industry.gov.au.

DIISability Internship Program

In 2017 the departmnent is running an internal DIISability Internship Program coordinated by the Diversity and Inclusion Team. The program is designed specifically for university students with disability to gain practical work experience. The program will run for approximately four weeks over university study breaks.


Our participation in the APS RecruitAbility scheme means we will progress an applicant with disability to a further stage in the recruitment process (usually interview), where they opt into the scheme and meet the minimum requirements for the vacancy. Refer to RecruitAbility for more information.

Disability Support

The department encourages a number of initiatives and support for our employees including:

Australian Network on Disability Membership

The department is a Gold member of the Australian Network on Disability. For more information see the Australian Network on Disability website.

Disability & Wellness Network

The Disability & Wellness Network (DaWN) are staff who help ensure all employees including those with disability are supported and have the opportunity to contribute to agency directions particularly in relation to disability and wellness. Members of the DaWN are advocates for disability and are pleased to be consulted on disability matters.

Reasonable Adjustment and Accessibility provisions

The department is committed to providing a flexible, accessible and inclusive work environment, removing barriers and providing reasonable adjustments such as accessibility to our systems, equipment or other practical support at relevant stages of the recruitment process. Please contact recruitment@industry.gov.au if you need any adjustments during your application process made or you find accessibility limitations in our systems and an alternative application format will be provided to you.

Health and Wellbeing

The Employee Health Safeguard Strategy is just one of the initiatives the department has developed to promote a healthy workforce, to maintain a safe system of work and to proactively support the physical and emotional wellbeing of our employees. Initiatives that form part of the broader Strategy encourage awareness of health related issues, improve moral, and provide a forum for communication and consultation regarding implementation of health and safety strategies and the day-to-day operation of the department.

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