Discretionary Grants 2006-07

This table shows the discretionary grants approved by the Department during the 2006-07 financial year. This table is also available to download.

Discretionary Grants 2006-07
Programme Recipient Grant Title Approved 2006-07($)
Accreditation-White Paper Queensland Tourism Industry Council Ltd Tourism Awards online application development 29/10/2006 93,200
Tourism Alliance Victoria Tourism Alliance Victoria Industry Workshops 29/10/2006 78,650
Tourism Industry Council ACT Industry workshops 29/10/2006 30,184
Ecotourism Australia Ecotourism and GOA industry workshops 29/10/2006 38,280
Green Globe Asia Pacific Green Globe and AHA industry workshops 29/10/2006 69,135
Restaurant & Catering Australia Restaurant & Catering Australia promotional material 29/10/2006 33,253
Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia Caravan, RV and Accommodation Association of Australia promotional material 29/10/2006 11,000
Aboriginal Tourism Australia Aboriginal Tourism Australia promotional material 29/10/2006 18,656
Administrative Support Australian Energy Alliance Sydney Australian Energy Alliance Administration grant 20/11/2006 33,000
Departmental Discretionary Grants Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association International Petroleum Acreage Management Systems 27/09/2006 9,900
National Nanotechnology National longitudinal survey of industries' interest in nanotechnology 12/09/2006 59,840
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Support for OECD programme 10/10/2006 6,469
Tooling Australia Implementation of Tooling Australia's action agenda recommendations 31/10/2006 75,350
Boating Industry Association of Victoria Ltd National recreation Boating Economic Impact study 5/12/2006 22,000
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD working party on ship building 28/05/2007 13,346
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD - Vountary contribution to working party on Nanotechnology 26/04/2007 17,500
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD Voluntary contribution to the working Party on SME's and Entrepreneurship 12/06/2007 32,036
Labour Market and Structural Adjustment Assistance -South Australia Assistance ScreenCheck Australia Pty Ltd Expand manufacturing production 12/07/2006 482,928
Industry Capability Network Ltd SAMP grants 8/12/2006 1,059,300
Sage Automation (SA) Pty Ltd Centre of Excellence 25/09/2006 968,748
Inpak foods Pty Ltd Inpak foods - Purchase new equipment 20/09/2006 826,771
Jumbo Vision International Pty Ltd Jumbo Vision International production centre 18/10/2006 1,139,710
B-D Farm Paris Creek Pty Ltd B-D Farm Paris Creek business expansion 29/09/2006 831,116
Normanville Meatworks Pty Ltd Construction of Normanville Meatworks Abattoir 11/10/2006 3,408,988
Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Pty Ltd Puchase of equipment for Peats Soil and Garden Supplies 16/10/2006 1,245,948
Origin Energy Solar Pty Ltd Purchase of equipment for Origin Energy Solar 18/12/2006 1,931,710
Auscomposites Establish manufacturing centre for Auscomposites 15/12/2006 2,468,729
Seeley International Pty Ltd New Manufacturing Facility 18/01/2007 2,284,244
True Life Creations Pty Ltd Establish Visualisation Centre 9/02/2007 975,513
Supplier Access to Major Projects Program Industry Capability Network Ltd Support Operational Costs 5/07/2006 660,000
Industry Capability Network Ltd Funding Service Providers to facilitate Australian industry participation 06-07 5/07/2006 440,000
Industry Capability Network Ltd SAMP grants (2) 13/02/2007 308,000
Support for Industry Service Organisations Standards Australia International Ltd SISO - representing Australia in key international organisations 9/08/2006 2,420,000
National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia SISO grant to National Association of Testing Authorities 14/08/2006 1,257,300
The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry SISO grant to Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 18/09/2006 10,000
Textile, Clothing and Footwear Structural Adjustment Program Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd Bruck textiles restructuring support 13/12/2006 1,200,000
Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd Restructuring support 19/02/2007 696,000
Tourism and Conservation Cradle Coast Authority - Burnie Tarkine Development and Sustainable Management plan 6/09/2006 220,000
Parks Australia (Department of Environment and Heritage) Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area 26/10/2006 660,000