Discretionary Grants 2007-08

The discretionary grants approved by the Department during 2007-08 are listed in the table below and can also be downloaded.

Discretionary Grants 2007-08
Program Recipient Grant title Approved 2007-08 ($) GST incl.
Ad Hoc Grants Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Ltd Manufacturing Heroes 11/01/2008 22,000
American Chamber of Commerce in Australia Australian Industry Participation 14/02/2008 10,000
Australian Council of Built Environment Design Professionals Built Environment Design Professions report 29/02/2008 33,000
Aerospace Australia Ltd Australian Industry Participation - 1 5/03/2008 16,500
Queensland Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry Marine Innovation Conference 7/03/2008 22,000
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD - Ship Building Part II Funding 31/03/2008 14,494
Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers Support for a display at the Melbourne International Motor Show 8/05/2008 3,300
University of NSW Built Environment Research 29/05/2008 27,121
CRC for Advanced Composite Structures Ltd Research - 1 20/06/2008 66,000
Amdel Limited Expansion of core laboratory testing facilities for the mineral & industrial sectors 27/06/2008 906,620
Enterprise Connect Innovation Centres Deakin University Enterprise Connect - Regional Strategy Advisers 2/06/2008 175,000
NSW Department of State and Regional Development Enterprise Connect - Manufacturing Skills Pilot Program 4/06/2008 180,000
Central Queensland Unversity - Mackay Enterprise Connect - Technical Advisers 2/06/2008 175,000
Desert Knowledge Australia Enterprise Connect - Desert Knowledge Cross Border Business Networking Project 20/06/2008 600,000
Science Connections Program Australian Science Innovations Science Olympiads Program 25/03/2008 330,000
Structural Adjustment Package (Electrolux) Austofix Surgical Pty Ltd Expansion of orthopaedic implant production facility 21/12/2007 71,506
Taste Master Pty Ltd Expansion & diversification of production 21/12/2007 522,906
Macro Investments Pty Ltd Expansion of "Gourmet Game" processing facility 21/12/2007 196,900
Plasteel SA Expansion & upgrade of security of defence component manufacturing facility 21/12/2007 140,584
Australian Wholefoods Pty Ltd Expansion of food manufacturing and processing 21/12/2007 71,467
Priority Engineering Services Pty Ltd Expansion of facility & new technology development for mining & defence industries 18/01/2008 1,815,349
Quality Production Engineers Pty Ltd Expansion of capacity & capability in advanced Manufacturing in non-traditional sectors 22/01/2008 832,415
Marino Meat & Food Store Pty Ltd Expansion of the production of quality small goods 22/01/2008 721,875
Steri-Flow Filtration Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd Exapansion & stream lining the manufacturing of filtration systems. 22/01/2008 458,334
Vaxine Pty Ltd Establishment of a Commercial Pharmaceutical production facility 5/06/2008 88,871
Philmac Pty Ltd Expansion of compression pipe fitting production facility with 3G Technology 5/06/2008 632,500
MG Engineering Pty Ltd Expansion of facilities to expand manufacturing capability 19/03/2008 227,875
Australian Industry Productivity Centres Australian Industry Group (Vic) AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for Australian Industry Group 8/08/2007 2,162,050
Australian Chamber Alliance AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for Australian Chamber Alliance 8/08/2007 3,066,250
The Improve Group AIPC Partnership Organisation Grant for The Improve Group 8/08/2007 452,100
Coastal Business Centre AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for Coastal Business Centre 8/08/2007 304,150
Geelong Manufacturing Council AIPC Partnership Organisation Grant for Geelong Manufacturing Council 8/08/2007 156,200
University of South Australia AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for University of South Australia 8/08/2007 156,200
University of Western Sydney (College of Business) AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for University of Western Sydney 8/08/2007 156,200
SA Centre for Innovation AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for SA Centre for Innovation 8/08/2007 156,200
Industry Capability Network (Victoria) AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for Industry Capability Network (Victoria) 8/08/2007 156,200
NIETL/NorthLink AIPC Partner Organisation Grant for NIETL/NorthLink 8/08/2007 156,200
Supplier Access to Major Projects Program Industry Capability Network Ltd Support Operational Costs 2007/08 30/07/2007 660,000
Industry Capability Network Ltd SAMP Australia Grants 30/07/2007 440,000
Industry Capability Network Ltd SAMP Global Grants 9/11/2007 1,100,000
Support for Industry Service Organisations Standards Australia SISO grant to Standards Australia 7/08/2007 2,475,000
National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia SISO grant to National Association of Testing Authorities - 2007-08 funding 7/08/2007 1,265,000
Textile, Clothing and Footwear Structural Adjustment Program Fletex Carpets Pty Ltd Restructuring support (2) 18/12/2007 1,417,252
Geelong Investment and Innovation Fund Air Radiators Pty Ltd Expansion of production facility at Lara 22/04/2008 312,500
Challenge Meats Pty Ltd Expansion of meat processing facility at Breakwater 22/04/2008 852,750
Mako Craft Pty Ltd Establishment, and further expansion of Mako Craft Pty Ltd's manufacturing facility in Moolap 22/04/2008 14,065
Pengala Pty Ltd New and expanded facilities at Broderick Road, Lara 22/04/2008 675,000