8. Fraud Control Policy and Principles

The department considers fraud against the Commonwealth as a serious matter. In this regard, the department:

  • maintains a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards fraud and requires that any case of suspected fraud is reported immediately and, dealt with appropriately
  • creates and maintains an ethical culture in the workplace which supports vigilance, diligence, loyalty and the courage to report fraud-related concerns
  • provides mechanisms for reporting allegations of internal and external fraud, and
  • adopts a risk management approach to determine appropriated fraud control strategies.

To support these principles, the department will:

  • ensure a fraud control plan is maintained and published in accordance with the CFCF
  • publish fraud control policies containing clearly documented fraud control procedures
  • conduct fraud risk assessments at a minimum of every two years or when there are significant changes to the structure and/or function of the department
  • increase awareness of the risks of fraud by providing fraud awareness training to new staff at induction and through on-line training
  • provide periodic fraud awareness training to ongoing staff and contractors which is designed to target a variety of audiences including high risk areas
  • require professional and ethical practice by staff, consultants/ contractors and those who do business with the department
  • provide easily accessible mechanisms for reporting allegations of internal and external fraud
  • maintain a FCO to oversight all fraud control measures established by the department
  • use all lawful avenues to recover money or property lost through fraudulent activity
  • investigate allegations of fraud against the department, whether internal or external, in accordance with AGIS
  • where appropriate, prepare briefs of evidence and refer matters to the CDPP for consideration of prosecution action, and
  • ensure all aspects of fraud control are continuously monitored, reported and reviewed.
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