16. Fraud Monitoring Reporting and Evaluation Strategies

The department has developed and implemented appropriate information management systems and processes in accordance with the CFCF and AGIS.

The FCCP is subject to regular monitoring and review, to ensure fraud controls are implemented effectively achieving intended outcomes. Significant change within the department may trigger an update of the FCCP to ensure it contains accurate and up-to-date information.

The Legal, Audit and Assurance Branch is responsible for the review, collection and collation of the controls that are in place (or that are proposed) to mitigate identified high level fraud risk. A formal review of these controls can be undertaken on a needs basis or as part of the routine fraud risk assessment activities.

The department has implemented a number of monitoring, reporting and evaluation strategies which are outlined below.

The department has developed and implemented information management processes to manage fraud control activities in accordance with the CFCF and AGIS. Further information can be obtained from the FCO.

16.1 Insurance

The department maintains an insurance policy with Comcover (DP1.5) that insures the organisation against the risk of a financial (insurable) loss. Insurance for externally instigated fraud will all be maintained as appropriate including insurance against the theft of departmental property.

Insurance is reviewed annually in accordance with Commonwealth requirements.

For more information refer to Attachment A – Frequently Asked Questions.

16.2 Fraud Control Reporting Requirements

Reporting to: Reference/Requirement Requirement Timeframe
Executive Board
Assurance and Audit Committee
  The Audit and Fraud Branch must report quarterly to the Executive the Assurance and Audit Committee on fraud risk control measures and outcomes on a quarterly basis. Quarterly
Annual Report CFCF
s 10 of the Fraud Rule
The department must certify in each Annual Report that the department has prepared fraud risk assessments and a FCCP; and has in place appropriate fraud prevention, detection, investigation, reporting and data collection processes. Annually
Minister CFCF
s 10 of the Fraud Rule
Following the endorsement of the FCCP, the department will advise the Minister that a FCCP has been prepared, based on a fraud risk assessment, in accordance with the relevant Australian and Commonwealth standards. Annually
Minister Part 12.5
of Fraud Guidance
The department must report annually to the Minister, in a format to be determined by the department, on fraud risk control measures and outcomes. Annually
Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) Part 12.4
of Fraud Guidance
The department must collect specific fraud control information and provide it to the AIC by 30 September each year. Annually
Australian Federal Police (AFP) Part 11.4
of Fraud Guidance
The Australian Federal Police may conduct Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs) of the department’s investigations, in accordance with the AGIS. The outcomes of any QAR will be provided to the Attorney Generals Department. Event specific and/or formal request
Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) CFCF
Part 11.3
The department’s compliance with the fraud rule may be the subject of audit by the ANAO. ANAO initiated.
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