3. Fraud and corruption statement

The department is committed to reducing fraud and corruption risk by complying with the requirements of the Framework through:

  • a Fraud and Corruption Control Plan
  • training employees in ethics, privacy, fraud and corruption awareness
  • working to prevent, detect, disrupt and investigate Fraud and Corruption, and to achieve deterrence to fraud against the department, including by prosecuting offenders in appropriate circumstances
  • applying, civil, administrative or disciplinary penalties and sanctions where appropriate
  • recovering proceeds of fraudulent and corrupt activity
  • a rolling programme of fraud and corruption related risk assessments
  • implementing an integrated system of appropriate and effect controls
  • providing specialised training for employees involved in fraud and corruption control activities
  • reporting all fraud to Government.

The department recognises that breaches of the fraud rule may attract a range of criminal, civil, administrative and disciplinary remedies (reported under the PGPA Act, the Public Service Act 1999 the Criminal Code Act 1995 and the Crimes Act 1914).

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