Our consultations

IPS logoThe Department consults with the public and its stakeholders in a variety of ways, depending on the size and nature of the initiative or policy proposal.

The Department's consultation processes are guided by the Australian Government Best Practice Regulation Handbook.

The following consultation mechanisms are used by the Department, although not all mechanisms are used in every consultation:

  • Requests for submissions are placed on the Department's website and/or the Business Consultation website
  • Requests for submissions are placed in industry magazines and newsletters
  • Letters and/or emails are sent to mailing lists and known stakeholders
  • Discussion papers are published on the Department's websites
  • Media releases or news items announce the consultation process is open
  • Meetings are held with stakeholders

The Department regularly shares information received during consultation processes by publishing submissions on its website.

Divisional consultation arrangements

The following divisions have provided information on their consultation arrangements: