Senate Continuing Order No 8 - File list from 1 July to 31 December 2012

Following is a list of the department's files from 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2012. This list is also available to download.

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Senate Continuing Order Number 8 - 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2012
File Number File Title
DIISR12/16551 Energy White Paper - Chemicals and Plastics
DIISR12/24176 Senate Select Committee on Australias Processed Food Sector - Government Response - Food Industry
DIISR12/16601 Energy White Paper - Deliberations - 2012
DIISR12/20576 Clinical Trials - Oecd Global Science Forum Harmonisation
DIISR12/17344 Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC) for the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC)
DIISR12/19026 Horticulture Australia Limited - Export Regulation Powers Review - Inter-Departmental Committee
DIISR12/19027 Country of Origin - Inter-Departmental Committee
DIISR12/21994 National Uniform Tenancy Regulation
DIISR12/21127 Food Industry Guidance Product
DIISR12/25475 Business Capabilities and Productivity Section - Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development Committee on Industry Innovation (OECD CIIE) 122nd Session - 2013
DIISR12/23619 Built Environment Industry Innovation Council (BEIIC) - Final Report to Government 2012
DIISR12/21702 Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) - Working Party on Small and Medium Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (WPSMEE) - 42Nd Session from 22 to 23 October 2012 - Part 1
DIISR12/21839 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Automotive Dialogue - St Petersburg Russia - October 2012
DIISR12/18537 Commonwealth State and Territory Advisory Council on Innovation (CSTACI) - Working Group Innovation and Procurement
DIISR12/18720 Commonwealth State and Territory Advisory Council on Innovation (CSTACI) - Meeting - September 2012
DIISR12/18822 63rd International Astronautical Congress 2012 - Naples
DIISR12/23425 Workshop on Converging Technologies for Societal Benefit - Beijing - October 2012
DIISR12/15696 National Enabling Technologies Strategy (NETS) - International Engagement - Asia Nano Forum
DIISR12/22110 Asian Insights - Food Industry Policy
DIISR12/15096 Food Industry - Regulatory Issues
DIISR12/16668 Food Industry - Export Market Issues
DIISR12/18267 Australian Trucking Association - Issues Relating to Regulation and Reform
DIISR12/23853 Regulation Impact Statement - Australian Industry Participation (AIP) - 2012 - Part 2
DIISR12/22639 Mercury - Globally Binding Instrument - Development of International Agreement
DIISR12/20240 Structural Adjustment - Port Pirie - Policy Development
DIISR12/22603 Proclamation - Higher Education Support Amendment (HESA) (Streamlining and Other Measures) Bill 2012
DIISR12/21886 Customs Tariff by-Laws Amendments 2012
DIISR12/16552 Business Names Registration - Amendment Regulations 2012
DIISR12/15447 Furniture Cabinets Joinery Alliance
DIISR12/21999 Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency - Hayabusa 2 Mission - Australian Participation
DIISR12/23565 Australian Renewable Energy Agency - Solar Flagships Program - Australian Industry Participation Plans
DIISR12/14777 CSIRO Chemicals and Plastics Futures Project
DIISR12/23364 Centre for Excellence In Public Sector Design - Business to Government Project
DIISR12/14549 Clean Technology Food & Foundries Investment Program - Food Industry - Submissions - Part 1
DIISR12/25219 Research - Discussion Papers for A National Symposium - Five Years on - English Language Competence of International Students
DIISR12/23023 Trades Recognition Australia - Amendments to Tradespersons' Rights (Cost Recovery) Regulations 1993 and DIAC Disallowable Instruments
DIISR12/25432 Higher Education Support Amendment (Further Streamlining and Other Measures) Bill 2013
DIISR12/25136 Higher Education Support Amendment (Asian Century) Bill 2013
DIISR12/25277 Repealing the Higher Education Funding Act 1988
DIISR12/14703 Unique Student Identifier Bill
DIISR12/23170 Public Interest Disclosure Bill
DIISR12/21760 Consequential Amendment - Fair Work Amendment Bill 2012
DIISR12/18520 Education Services for Overseas Students Amendment Regulation 2012 (No. 1)
DIISR12/18521 Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Regulation 2012
DIISR12/22522 Tradespersons' Rights Regulation Repeal Bill 2013
DIISR12/15957 National Plan for Environment Information (NPRI) Initiative - Policy Development and Coordination
DIISR12/22378 Research Impact - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - November 2012
DIISR12/17739 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - Kick-Off Meeting
DIISR12/17740 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - Advisory Board
DIISR12/17742 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - External Review Panel
DIISR12/17743 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - Work Package 1
DIISR12/17744 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - Work Package 2
DIISR12/17745 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - Work Package 3
DIISR12/17746 Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) - Work Package 4
DIISR12/17873 Australia and Europe - Science, Research and Innovation Relationship
DIISR12/17901 Intermediate Waste Repository at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
DIISR12/20585 Research Infrastructure - International Engagement - Third European Union and Australia Joint Workshop on Research Infrastructure 2013
DIISR12/23622 Joint Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Chief Scientists - 26 and 27 November 2012
DIISR12/17635 Australian-Middle East Science and Technology Relationship - Meetings and Research - 2012 - 2013
DIISR12/21876 Australia-Vietnam - Science and Technology Relationship - Meetings and Research
DIISR12/22518 CSIRO Sustainable Energy for Square Kilometre Array (SESKA) Steering Committee
DIISR12/21243 Australian Membership to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
DIISR12/25138 Australia Israel Researcher Exchange Program (AIRE) - Part 1
DIISR12/18130 Research Training Standards - Policy Development
DIISR12/18368 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) - Global Science Forum - 27Th Meeting - Stockholm - October 2012
DIISR12/19303 National Research Investment Plan
DIISR12/16198 Australian-China Science and Research Fund 2012 Knowledge Exchange Symposium
DIISR12/18538 Questacon Oral History Project
DIISR12/25398 Questacon - Travelling Exhibitions (TEX) - DFAT Tour - Science on the Move and Fascinating Science to Vietnam - 2013
DIISR12/24020 Questacon - Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) Symposium 2013
DIISR12/24024 Questacon - National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) 2013
DIISR12/18978 Questacon - Strategic Partnerships - International - Science Centre Impact Study 2012 to 2013
DIISR12/22282 Higher Education Research Policy - University Rankings - November 2012
DIISR12/19262 Australian Space Sector Skills Audit
12/010/2447 AFP Advice on New Process of Items Seized by AFP - Legal Services - National Trade Measurement
12/200/345-02 Ministerial Correspondence - 2012 Part 2 - Policy - Canberra Office
12/200/3813 Ministerial Correspondence - 2013 - Policy - Canberra Office
12/500/3053 Advices Relating to Compliance and Enforcement of Tobacco Plain Packaging Legislation - Legal Services - National Trade Measurement
ED12/016323 Higher Education - Policy - Changes to Residency Requirements for Australian Citizens
ED12/016324 Higher Education - Policy - Student Services and Amenities Fee
ED12/018094 Higher Education - Policy - National Institute of Circus Arts
ED12/019426 Higher Education - Compliance - Higher Education Endowment Fund - Cross Portfolio Consultation - Legislation
ED12/019220 International Education - Policy - Tokyo Convention Working Group Meeting and Global Convention Expert Meeting 29 - 31 October 2012 China
ED12/020074 Higher Education - Policy - Higher Education Support Act (HESA) Guidelines