Adapting to Climate Risks – Tracking Australia’s Progress

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Leading practitioners in business, government and the community are already factoring changing climate risks into their decisions according to a report released today.

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education has been working with industry, research organisations and the community to develop a framework to track Australia’s progress in adapting to changing climate risks.

Climate Adaptation Outlook: A Proposed National Adaptation Assessment Framework, asks what Australia would look like if it was adapting well to the risks posed by climate change.

The report considers what economic and social drivers would be in place, what activities would be happening, and what the outcomes would be if Australia was adapting well.

Managing the increased risks from extreme heat, bushfires, floods, and rising sea levels resulting from climate change is good business sense.

Adapting to changing climate risks is a responsibility shared by governments, businesses and communities.

The report highlights how businesses are adapting. For example, wine-makers are diversifying their grape plantings, major infrastructure owners are building for rising sea-levels, miners are considering the implications of more extreme rainfall, and superannuation companies are assessing risks to their investment assets.

The Climate Adaptation Outlook: A Proposed National Adaptation Assessment Framework can be downloaded from the Climate Change website.

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