Counsellor in China

Ms Joanna Bunting, Beijing

Ms Joanna Bunting, Beijing
China is a key partner for Australian industry, resources and science: it is Australia’s largest export destination, mainly due to resources exports, and Australia is China’s third highest research co-publication partner behind the US and UK. The department’s Counsellor in Beijing develops and implements strategies to strengthen Australia's engagement with the industry, resources, innovation, science and research systems in China and the region. The Counsellor represents the department’s interests to the People's Republic of China and China’s Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

The Counsellor’s key roles include:

  • Supporting current and expanded trade and invesment between Australia and China under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, and supporting Australian resources and energy commodity-related businesses through the provision of market access information and assistance.
  • Supporting trade and investment in resources and energy commodity sectors through forums including the Australia-China Bilateral Dialgoue on Resources and Energy Cooperation.
  • Promoting technology exchange and cooperation in resources and energy commodities, including clean coal, LNG and mining technology.
  • Supporting the bilateral engagement in science, research and innovation, including the Australia-China Science and Research Fund.
  • Engaging with the industry, science, research and innovation sectors to encourage productive engagement and collaboration through Australia’s Global Innovation Strategy,  an initiative under the National Innovation and Science Agenda.
  • Engaging with the Chinese Government and industry, Australian industry and others to gain a better understanding of key Chinese sectors, to feed into policy development.
  • Identifying opportunities for further trade, investment and technical and academic collaboration.

Contact details:
Ms Joanna Bunting
Phone: + 86 10 5140 4477

Australian Embassy in Beijing
Telephone:  + 86 10 5140 4111
21 Dongzhimenwai Street
Beijing 100600

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