Minister-Counsellor in North America

Mr Anthony Murfett, Washington DC

Australia and North America have a long history of close cooperation and collaboration. The US, Canada and Australia share many similar policy challenges. The department’s Minister-Counsellor in Washington DC develops and implements strategies to strengthen Australia's engagement with the industry, resources, innovation, science, research systems in the US and Canada.

The Minister-Counsellor’s key roles include:

  • Facilitating policy dialogue between the Government of Australia and the Governments of the US and Canada on science, technology and innovation to share best practices and lessons learnt for future policy development and to encourage future collaboration.
  • Monitoring and analysing policy, political and regulatory developments in the US and Canada across industry and science and technology, including in areas such as advanced manufacturing, and the digital economy.
  • Engaging with education and research institutions to promote Australian capabilities, encourage collaboration, and increase academic and research mobility between Australia the US and Canada.
  • Engaging with industry and key science and research institutions to encourage collaboration through Australia’s Global Innovation Strategy, an initiative under the National Innovation and Science Agenda.
  • Encouraging new and re-investment in Australia’s resources and energy commodity sectors, and promoting collaboration on areas including LNG, mining, clean coal and other technologies.


Contact details:
Mr Anthony Murfett
Minister Counsellor (Industry, Science and Education)
Phone: +1 202 797 3441   

Australian Embassy in Washington DC
Telephone: +1 202-797-3000
1601 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC

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