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Energy White Paper – Terms of Reference

Terms of reference

The Australian Government has committed to a set of signature economy-wide reforms to grow the economy while addressing rising business and household costs. The Australian Government is committed to working closely with industry and state and territory governments in the development of an integrated, coherent national energy policy.

Australia’s energy production, distribution and use are undergoing major transformations, including changes in our domestic and international markets; our primary energy resources and generation technologies; and in how consumers source and use energy. Priority outcomes for the Government include addressing cost-of-living pressures and business competitiveness, with both requiring competitive pricing, productive and efficient use of energy and reform of regulation.

Securing our long term domestic energy needs, maintaining international competitiveness while meeting international obligations, and growing our export base are fundamental to a strong economy. Growing exports of energy products will bring benefits to Australia, but add to competition for Australian energy resources and link domestic energy prices more closely to international markets. These challenges will require flexible and efficient energy markets.

This Energy White Paper will outline a coherent, integrated and efficient regulatory and policy framework, stimulating sustainable growth, building community confidence in environmental safeguards and growing investment in the energy sector. This will maintain downward pressure on costs while delivering greater certainty and security in supply.

Complementing Direct Action, the Energy White Paper will also consider lower emissions energy and the more productive and efficient use of energy.

The White Paper will consider:

  • policy and regulatory reform to secure reliable, competitively and transparently priced energy for a growing population and productive economy, including the efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory bodies;
  • the appropriate role for government in the energy sector;
  • opportunities to drive the more productive and efficient use of energy;
  • energy related distribution infrastructure to deliver efficient national markets;
  • alternative transport fuel sources;
  • workforce issues, including national skills development needs;
  • emerging energy technologies and new energy sources; and
  • future growth in exports of energy products, including our world leading services industries.

The Energy White Paper will be led by the Department of Industry. An Issues Paper will be released by mid December 2013 to initiate consultation. A Green Paper will be released for consultation in May 2014. The Energy White Paper will be completed in September 2014.

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