Innovation Collaboration

The number and value of research contracts, consultancies and collaborations entered into by research institutions provide an indication of the level of engagement between research institutions and industry partners.

Research institutions accounted for include medical research institutes, universities and publicly funded research agencies.

This data is drawn from the National Survey of Research Commercialisation, which collects information on the engagement and commercialisation activities of publicly funded research organisations in Australia. It is Australia’s primary source of information on the publicly funded research sector’s efforts to collaborate with industry.

Business collaboration measures the extent of collaboration between business and: clients, customers or buyers; competitors; consultants; government agencies; suppliers; and research institutions.

The ABS defines collaboration as arrangements where partners work together for mutual benefit, including some sharing of technical and commercial risk. It is not necessary for each participant in a collaboration to benefit commercially.

Business collaboration can help increase a business’ competitive advantage. Surveys of businesses show that firms that innovate and work collaboratively with researchers are more profitable and have greater potential to grow and compete globally.

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