Science Industry

R&D is important as it plays a crucial role in the technological development and competitiveness of an economy. It is often a key step in the innovation process (see the innovation section for further detail on R&D).

This section provides the total number of researchers devoted to R&D (those involved with the conception and/or development of new products/processes) broken down by industry. This provides an indication of the level of human capital resources being invested in R&D within the goods, market services and non-market services sectors.

The chart, graduate employment outcomes, can be filtered to show employment outcomes for graduates from different academic fields, including science, technology, engineering and maths. This can be filtered to include other fields of study.

The total workforce with qualifications in science, technology, engineering and maths fields can be broken down by number of people in the workforce working full time, part time, people who are unemployed and people not in the labour force. This can provide an indication of those fields of study with lower rates of employment. This graph can also be filtered to include other qualifications.

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