Australian Industry Report

The annual Australian Industry Report provides an overview and analysis of the major economic factors affecting Australia’s industries. The report looks at economic developments through the lens of Australia’s sectors and summarises findings by means of four chapters:

  • A snapshot of major economic developments affecting the Australian economy over the past year
  • A key theme such as structural change (2014 edition) or government regulation (2015 edition) that cuts across Australian industries
  • Research and analysis on an industry specific issue such as the five key growth sectors (2014 edition) or enabling services (2015 edition)
  • Research based on the department’s programme data.


Collapsed - 2015

This year’s report continues the narrative of structural change. The Australian economy is in transition and future growth will need to draw from a broader base. It is therefore critical that we get our policy settings right.

The report sheds light on enabling services and their role in providing vital intermediary business services, appropriate regulation as an essential ingredient to facilitate and support sustainable economic growth and the importance of research and development activity in securing long-run economic growth.



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