Export behaviour and business performance: evidence from Australian microdata

Razib Tuhin and Abrie Swanepoel

Research Paper 7/2016 |

This paper uses firm-level data from the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) to examine the dynamic relationship between business export behaviour and performance. The results show that exporters are, on average, larger than non-exporters. Businesses demonstrate superior growth performance in the lead up to foreign market entry, but this growth differential diminishes shortly after beginning to export. We take entry into and exit from the export market into account to find that continuous, but not intermittent, exporters perform significantly better in all performance measures than non-exporters. Exporting is also associated with a higher probability of business survival.

JEL Codes: F10, F14, D22, L25

Keywords: exporter, firm, performance, Australia, microdata

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