Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre


National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) is the not-for-profit company responsible for delivering the activities of the Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre.

NERA’s vision is to maximise the value to the Australian economy by having an energy resources sector—the oil and gas, coal and uranium industries—that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse.

NERA has developed a Sector Competitiveness Plan which sets out a long-term strategy to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian energy resources sector.

While renewable energy is not directly in NERA’s scope, the energy resources sector is a key partner with the renewable sector in achieving lower emissions, uptake of clean technology and a sustainable energy mix for Australia.

NERA is chaired by Mr Ken Fitzpatrick and led by a small board and team with significant industry experience.

NERA in action

NERA has:

  • Announced initial collaborative sector projects including on: tropical cyclone analysis; scoping improved integrated remote operations centre models for the coal industry; and mapping energy resources skills development capacity and capability on a national basis.
  • Developed a Small to Medium Enterprise Opportunity Knocks program, initially for the oil and gas sector, working with industry mentors and the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.
  • Established a Small to Medium Enterprise Innovation Voucher program for SMEs that can demonstrate matching funding, and support from a client within the value chain for innovation to reduce costs.
  • Commenced regulatory reform projects aimed at driving the uptake of best practice international standards for the oil and gas industry, and to develop technical guidance for cleaning up hydrocarbon contaminated sites. 
  • Become a foundation partner for the CORE Resources Innovation Hub.
  • Developed an Industry Competitiveness Assessment and Dashboard for the oil, gas, coal and uranium industries.


To find out more please visit the NERA website or email contact@nera.org.au.


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