Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre


National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) is the not-for-profit company responsible for delivering the activities of the Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre.

Through a national focus, NERA will improve competitiveness, collaboration and productivity by focusing on reducing cost, directing research to industry needs, improving work skills, facilitating partnerships and reducing regulatory burden.

NERA is developing a Sector Competitiveness Plan during its first 12 months that will set out a long-term strategy for the oil, gas and energy resources (coal and uranium) sector.

NERA is chaired by Mr Ken Fitzpatrick and led by a small board and team with significant industry experience.

NERA in action

NERA will work to enhance links between industry and the research sector by hosting a national collaboration and innovation summit to connect industry stakeholders and increase industry-led research.

NERA will support future work skills development in the sector by promoting sharing of lessons amongst specialist Vocational Education and Training institutions.

NERA will work to promote industry sustainability and foster community support through further understanding the social, environmental, economic and operational consequences of industry activity, including by developing a strategy to establish a trusted custodian for scientific data.

Further information about NERA’s activities is included in the factsheet below.


To find out more please visit the NERA website or email contact@nera.org.au.


Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre factsheet | Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre factsheet

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