BMF Expert Assessment

On 30 June 2017, the BMF agreed to commission an expert assessment of the broader compliance and enforcement problems within the building and construction systems that impact the effective implementation of the National Construction Code (NCC).


On 24 August 2017, the BMF announced the appointment of Professor Peter Shergold AC and Ms Bronwyn Weir to co-lead the assessment, with assistance from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

The BMF Expert Assessment undertook broad stakeholder consultation on a range of issues, with a view to making recommendations on establishing a national best practice model on (among other matters):

  • licensing and accreditation;
  • certification and inspections;
  • quality controls and assurance processes; and
  • auditing and enforcement practices.

The Terms of Reference for the assessment are available below:

Final Report

Professor Shergold and Ms Weir’s report, ‘Building Confidence – Improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia’, can be accessed below:

Next Steps

The Report’s conclusions and recommendations provide the BMF with a comprehensive package of reforms intended to strengthen the effective implementation of the NCC.  

The BMF considered the Report at its 27 April 2018 meeting and provided in-principle support for the Report. Ministers will examine the Report’s findings and recommendations in detail and have agreed to discuss future directions and next steps at the next BMF meeting.


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