Marine Industry

Industry Overview

The Australian marine industry is a significant industry in its own right, as well as a major service provider to other industries and a major contributor to the economy through both manufactured products and services.

The industry is represented in all Australian States and Territories, and is particularly important to the economic sustainability and growth of many regions. The industry has demonstrated a strong capacity to successfully operate in both domestic and international markets.

The Australian marine industry includes ship and boat building and repair, marine equipment manufacturing, and marina operations.  The industry is a major contributor to the economy, with a GVP of $8 billion a year and direct employment of around 22,000 people. Australia’s marine industry export sector is innovative and covers a broad range of products and services. Australia is a world leader in the design of large, high-speed, multi-hull aluminium vessels. Exports in 2009-10 were $422 million, and additionally, international marine tourism and recreational activities were worth $1.8 billion.

Departmental Role

The Department closely engages with industry to address impediments to growth and pursue development opportunities. The Department also works with the industry and research communities to help build a more innovative and globally successful marine industry.


Marine and Aerospace Policy Section
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