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About civil space

Australia’s ongoing social, environmental and economic well-being depends on the continued and cost effective access to satellite data.

  • Position, navigation and timing data is becoming increasingly central to personal navigation and planning, and the ongoing economic productivity and security of industry sectors such as transport, logistics, mining and agriculture.
  • Earth observation data help us understand weather predictions, droughts, forest fires, urban development, and future social planning needs.
  • Satellite communications technologies, including broadband, enable Australian citizens and companies to conduct essential business and access critical services such as emergency transport.

Role of the Australian Government

In advancing the development and use of space capabilities on which Australia relies, the Commonwealth supports and coordinates cross-portfolio civil space initiatives of national significance. The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science is responsible for Australian civil space activities and the department is the central point of contact and coordination for the Government’s involvement in national and international civil space activities.

The department also administers legislative arrangements for Australian civil space activities to ensure that these activities do not jeopardise national interests and Australia’s international obligations in space; and has responsibility for informing Government policies that provide the right conditions for entrepreneurs and businesses to innovate and capitalise on their space-related activities.

The department’s vision is to enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries in Australia. The government is committed to growing our space industry and to ensuring it can participate successfully in the global market.

Current activities

Announcement of an Australian space agency

On 25 September, the Australian Government announced its intention to establish an Australian space agency. This announcement was guided by input for the review of Australia’s space industry capability. The agency will provide international representation, support to critical partnerships, coordination of a national strategy and activities and support for industry growth.

International Astronautical Congress,
Adelaide 2017

The Space Industry Association of Australia is hosting the annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide in September this year.

The Australian Government will have a booth at the event—Big Country, Big Sky, Big Ideas.

Our booth includes exhibits from the department’s portfolio agencies—CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, the Square Kilometre Array and the Australian Astronomical Observatory—as well as exhibits from our Commonwealth partners in the space sector.

We look forward to forging new business and research collaboration opportunities and to networking with our international space colleagues throughout the Congress.

To keep up to date on the latest activities and news during the Congress, you can follow the department on a number of social networking platforms.

Review of Australia’s space industry capability

A review of Australia’s space industry capability is currently underway. The review aims to enable our nation to capitalise on the increasing opportunities within the global space industry sector.

Square Kilometre Array

The department also coordinates Australia’s involvement in the international Square Kilometre Array project, an international effort to design and build the world’s largest and most sensitive telescope here in Australia and in South Africa.

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