Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy

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Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy sets out priorities for Australia’s use of space and space-related technologies. It provides strategies to achieving the goal of ongoing, cost effective access to the space capabilities on which Australia relies.

Achieving this will contribute to five key benefits for Australia:

  1. Improved Productivity.
  2. Better Environmental management.
  3. A safe and secure Australia.
  4. A smarter workforce.
  5. Equity of Access to information and services.

The policy focuses on seven principles in working towards its goal:

  • Space applications of national significance.
  • Assuring access to space capability.
  • Strengthening and increasing international cooperation.
  • Contributing to a stable space environment.
  • Improving domestic coordination.
  • Supporting innovation, science and skills development.
  • Enhance and protect national security and economic wellbeing.
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