National Survey of Research Commercialisation

Welcome to the National Survey of Research Commercialisation, Australia’s only data collection on how the publicly funded research system collaborates with industry to transfer knowledge and commercialise research.

Since 2000, the survey has been collecting information from universities, medical research institutes and major publicly funded research agencies on how they collaborate with industry partners to commercialise research. The collection now spans 2000-14.

The most recent addition to the data collection is the 2014 survey data and 2013-14 CRC data. We expect to add the 2014 supplementary data and patents data from IP Australia and other data items from existing collections during 2016.

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Watch this space for the future release of a dynamic data analysis and visualisation tool

Data collection

The 2014 survey data is now available including unit record data and case studies

Data analysis

We are pleased to share our latest analysis - 2012-14 Data Summary

Access analysis from previous surveys.

Further analysis and think pieces will be available here in the future.


The 2015 National Survey of Research Commercialisation data collection, will be open from 15 September until 28 October 2016. A PDF version of the survey and the 2015 survey instructions are now available.

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Policy context

The policy framework for the National Survey of Research Commercialisation and details of the 2015 Review of the National Survey of Research Commercialisation are available.

In Focus

Understanding Australia’s Research Commercialisation


A list of external sources and links that either use the survey data or are relevant to the survey and data collection.

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