Science, Research and Innovation Budget Tables

The Australian Government's Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables provide a central source of information on Australian Government support for research and experimental development (R&D). Support for R&D is a key component of the Government's broader support for science, research and innovation, and takes place alongside support for other innovation and science programmes and activities.

The tables, which have been published annually since 1979-80, provide summaries of Australian Government support for R&D by sector, government portfolio, socio-economic objective and method of funding allocation. In addition, the tables provide information on industry contributions to rural research and R&D expenditures through NHMRC programmes and research block grants.

A machine readable version of the Budget Tables data is available from

2016-17 Budget Tables

The presentation of the SRI Budget Tables has been substantially redesigned, with the 2016-17 edition including interactive charts that enable users to compare areas of R&D expenditure. In addition, the tables now include descriptive information about programmes and activities.

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Past years' Budget Tables

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