Ranger Independent Expert Investigation: Findings and Recommendations

  1. Any future failures must be investigated with a view to understanding the damage mechanisms that are operating. This will enable appropriate and timely preventative and monitoring strategies to be identified and implemented.
  2. ERA’s proposed approach to monitoring the integrity of leach tanks is technically sound, but may not be sustainable.  Should an alternative monitoring solution be found, it will need review.
  3. The restart plan is going well and ERA should be allowed to continue implementation until completion.
  4. The lessons learnt from the restart should be incorporated into ERA’s procedures.
  5. The ERA Plan is adequate and meets the requirement as set out in [the Restart Capability Report].  It will require Board review by no later than the end of July 2014.


  • Recommendation 1:       It is recommended that Return to Service documentation be reviewed on a sampling basis as part of the ongoing monitoring program.
  • Recommendation 2:       ERA develop documented processes that ensures that responses to leaks and other losses of containment are thoroughly dealt with.
  • Recommendation 3:       Review the regulatory framework to ensure a more comprehensive and clear regulatory environment.
  • Recommendation 4:       The skills of regulators are developed to enable more effective regulation of process safety.
  • Recommendation 5:       The successful implementation of the cultural change element of the Action Plan is essential and must be a high priority for ERA.
  • Recommendation 6:       The cultural change element of the Action Plan is a priority area of focus for regulatory or monitoring oversight.
  • Recommendation 7:       The ERA Action Plan is monitored quarterly for two years from July 2014 to ensure it is effectively implemented.

Please find a link to the joint statement by the Australian Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane, and Northern Territory Minister for Mines and Energy, Willem Westra van Holthe.

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