Abandoned Mines

Mineral and energy resources and land ownership rights in Australia are separated. Mineral resources are owned by the Crown with State and Territory governments the principal authorities for regulating onshore mining and exploration in Australia. Land use tensions typically arise due to the challenges of co-existence, shared-use and sequential use. Changes in land use can trigger a diverse pattern of support or resistance, in the context of complex, expansive, overlapping and often competing interests.

Strategic Framework for Managing Abandoned Mines in the Minerals Industry

The Strategic Framework for Managing Abandoned Mines (Strategic Framework) provides high level guidance on issues to be addressed when managing abandoned mines.  These issues are addressed in five chapters:

  • Valuing Abandoned Mines;
  • Data Collection and Management;
  • Risk Assessment and Management;
  • Resourcing and Partnership Opportunities; and
  • Information Sharing and ‘Leading Practice’. 

Case studies highlight examples where leading practice management has resulted in environmental and social benefits, as well as, innovative and sustainable re-use of abandoned sites.

The Strategic Framework assists states and territories to develop guidelines, policies and regulations to manage abandoned mines in the most effective and sustainable manner and to each jurisdiction’s unique circumstances.

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