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Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

Australian Public Service Innovations

Collapsed - 2015

Collapsed - 2014

APS Innovation Month

Australian Space Industry

  • Sue Barrell, Assistant Directory, Observations and Engineering, Bureau of Meterology
  • Ben Greene, CEO, Electro Optic Systems Holdings Ltd
  • Chris Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Thales Australia
  • Naomi Mathers, Program Developer, Victorian Space Science Education Centre
  • Paul Sheridan, Director, Optus Satellite Services 

Endeavour Awards

Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda

National Measurement Institute


Science and Research

  • Customer Story: Australian Access Federation (AAF) has received funding to advance an initiative as part of the Department’s ongoing investments in Australian research infrastructure.
  • Professor Ian Chubb, Chief Scientist for Australia is interviewed by ABC journalist Marian Wilkinson.
  • Professors Ezio Rizzzardo and David Solomon: For their role in revolutionising polymer science, Professors EzioRizzardo and David Solomon jointly receive the 2011 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.
  • Associate Professor Min Chen: For her contribution to our knowledge of chlorophyll and cyanobacteria, Associate Professor Min Chen receives the 2011 Science Minister’s Prize for Life Scientist of the Year.
  • Professor Stuart Wyithe: For his work on the physics of the formation of the Universe, Professor Stuart Wyithe receives 2011 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year.
  • Mrs Brooke Topelberg: For her drive and leadership in turning a high immigrant, low socio-economic suburban school to a Western Australia’s Science School of the Year and herself became the WA Primary Science Educator of the Year, Mrs Brooke Topelberg receives the 2011 Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools.
  • Dr Jane Wright: For her work in developing curriculum, teachers and a generation of young women, Dr Jane Wright receives the 2011 Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools.  

Prime Minister's Prizes for Science




Radioactive Waste

Square Kilometre Array

  • Square Kilometre Array - The Square Kilometre Array is a next-generation radio telescope to be built in Australia and southern Africa. This video gives an overview of the telescope and explains the telescope components and facilities to be built in Australia. For more information visit and
  • New science, ancient land – the SKA telescope inspires new indigenous art - For several years, indigenous artists from the Yamaji Art Centre in Geraldton have been working with CSIRO and Curtin University scientists at the Australian site of what will be the largest telescope ever built.
  • Square Kilometre Array - 'SKA' - The SKA will be built in both Australia and South Africa and will be made up of millions of antennas, linked together by fibre optic networks. It will feed unprecedented quantities of data into dedicated supercomputers.
  • Welcome to Country - a Wajarri perspective on Australia and New Zealand's bid to host the SKA. 

Our graduate development program

Skills, vocational education and training

Unique Student Identifier

  • Create a USI on behalf of a student - This video is a tutorial for training organisations demonstrating how to create a USI on behalf of a student.
  • Find a USI - This video is a tutorial for training organisations demonstrating how to find a USI.
  • Verify a USI - This video is a tutorial for training organisations demonstrating how to verify a USI
  • Student Video - provides students with a general overview of the USI initiative including how students can create their USIs.
  • Training Organisation Video - provides training organisations with a general overview of the USI initiative including how training organisations can create USIs on behalf of their students.